Halalco 1437 (2016) Eid-ul-Adha Sacrifice Order Form
LAST DAY TO RECEIVE ORDERS: September 11, 2016.
Cost of Sacrifice

BEEF: $350-$500 per share
$3.99/lb Hanging Wt. + tax

LAMB: 35-50 lb $285 ea. + tax

GOAT: 35-50 lb $265 ea. + tax

Important Notice
The prices of Lambs, and Goats are per animal. The price of Beef is based on the hanging weight. Although the weight of most animals will be within the specified range, there is a possibility that a few may be under or above the range. As usual we will make sure that all our sacrificial animals conform to the Shari'ah requirements.

BEEF will be cut as follows and divided into 7 Shares:
•  Boneless Beef Stew
•  Beef Stew with Bone
•  Lean Ground beef
•  Selected Steaks 3/4"
•  Beef Shanks
•  Soup Bones

LAMB <> GOAT will be cut as follows:

•  Cut#1: Small 2" pieces + Chops
•  Cut#2: Medium 3" pieces+Chops
•  Cut#3: Large 4" pieces + Chops

For Lamb or Goat, please indicate in REMARKS whether you want CUT#1, 2, or 3 and whether you want:
1 Leg whole per animal
2 Legs whole per animal.

City  State   
Zip Code Country 
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Fields in Red with * are required to be filled.
PLEASE NOTE: You can select sacrifice at Halalco for Washington Metropolitan Area (Please mention in Remarks below) and pick it up OR if you wish to have your sacrifice done Overseas (for listed countries only in the "Description" column) and have the meat distributed to needy families there, please mention in Remarks below.
Whose behalfDescription
Whose behalfDescription
Whose behalfDescription
Whose behalfDescription
Whose behalfDescription
Whose behalfDescription
Whose behalfDescription
Total Deposit for All Scarifice Order: $
Note: if you want Beef (Local), please call on 703-532-3202.
You may contact any of the following Relief Organizations yourself:
Helping Hands for Relief and Development 313-279-5378 *
ICNA Relief 718-658-7028 * Islamic Relief USA 703-370-7202 *
Life for Relief & Development 248-424-7493 * Ummah Relief 847-622-0574

We can distribute meat to needy Muslim families. It is suggested that you take out meat at the pick up time for
distribution among needy Muslim families. (If you know a needy family, please give us the name and address).

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